Jag måste säga att jag gillar den här familjen. Jag är inte galen i de, men jag tycker att de är fina männsikor. 

Best tycker jag om Khloe. Hon är snäll och smart och djup. Hon kan väldigt mycket och är en naturkraft. 

I början tyckte jag att hon var mindre vaker än sina systrar men nu tycker jag att hon är minst lika snygg som de. 

Näst best tycker jag om Kourtney. Visst är hon lite självisk ibland och kanske för kritisk, mest med sin mamma, men hon är en sådant bra mamma att man kan inte låta bli än gilla henne. Hon gick till sådana längder som att inte använda deodorant för att hennes barn skulle inte få kemikalier i mjolken som hon ammade de med. 

Sedan tycker jag om Bruce, även om han inte heter Kardashian, jag tycker han passar in i den här kategorin. 

Han är lugn och vis och hängiven till sin familj. 

Sedan gillar jag Kris. Hon är hängiven till sin familj och tydligen älskar allihopa. Hon jobbar ständigt för deras väbefinnande. 

Jag gillar Kim också, även om jag måste säga att från alla i familjen hon är den mest självfocuserade. Men hon är trevlig och måste jag säga smart. Oavsett hur många kritiserar henne och hennes familj, de pratar alltid korrect och inteligent och underhållande. Jag gillar inte att så många som kritiserar de gör så att man blir distraherad från fakta att de är verkligen duktiga och trevliga och bra människor att ha omkring sig. 

Vad hände under Kims graviditet tycker jag har varit en absurditet. Att kritisera öppet och även håna en gravid kvinna tycker jag är oacceptabelt. Om man vill hitta de dummaste elakaste personen i USA måste man titta på de som kommenterade elakt Kims person under den tiden. 

Poängen med min post är att ja, jag tycker om familjen Kardashians, och tycker dessutom att den är en familj som har många kvaliteer som de förnuftiga och mogna från tvtittararnas krets skulle tycka om. 

Det ständiga argumentet att systrarna har ingen talang och att de är berömda bara för att de är berömda är skitsnack. De är modeller, affärskvinnor, stilister, värdinnor i olika evenämanger. På vilket sätt är de här inte talanger?

Det är sörgsen att det finns så många som kritiserar så öppet och elakt familjen på grunder som är oärliga.

Men, det är bra att själva familjen har kraften att gå vidare oavsett motstonden. 

Jag uppmannar någon att bevisa mig fel. 

Ha en bra dag allesamans!


det behövs inte egentligen nån förklaring. Jag behöver sysselsätta mig och jag klarar inte ett vanligt jobb. Jag är psykisk sjuk och desutom lat, så, vad är det annars än att blogga?

Jag har läst mycket och tittat mycket på tv och surfat på internet, so jag kan ganska så mycket fakta, frågan är hur ska man använda de till att blogga fint?

Saken är att jag vill bli stor, jag har nämligen ingen gräns till ambitionen, men saknar antagligen förmågan till att uppnå detta. 

Ok, slut med förklaringen. 

run home

little dear

when you hear sound of hunting

it is never ever good to stop and gaze at the hunter

he will never ever take pity on you


not your beautiful legs or your beautiful big eyes will he be able to see

he will see only a scared soul and the smell of blod with flod of mouth

will he begin to feel

something rasining inside him

not pity

or love

but the desire to kill






into the forest

where the little men are

and the little feet

and the little hearts

there is your salvation

near the river

and the spring


home you will be really safe

you will bathe in the river

you will drink holy water

and the image in the water

will reasure you that the end of suffering is near


be safe, my dear little deer

your big eyes

big as the whole night

big as the world

in the new day

close so that no one can see anymore the light in them

so that they try to steel it

or to deaden it by means of mumification


close them

so that purity is safe

so that purity sees no evil

no fauns

no mermaids

you should allways keep your eyes closed

to dream of the new age

where there will no longer be fauns or sirens

but only angels

only beings

that love each other

in spirit


love, little dear

and all will be well with you and your little happy feet


yes, you hear the sound of the new down

the light cracking through the trees

the wind breathing soul into the light

and the spirit coming down upon us


happy little dear

can#t you see


no one can live without you

all these creeps need your calm and the beauty that you bring

and your virtuouse bearing

of kids


it is you who is the godess of earth

the one who knows where to listen the ground to hear the call of the trees

what they need

and what they fear


stop and write in the stones with the runic letters

the truths that will save this home

cover with snow


so that






give us a child that

can eat the bad stuff

and poop the right stuff

or, she should begin to give the right kind of milk

so that kids will be saved finally from the drought of soul and heart


has plagued the last age of man


peace, love and prosperity



we need water
but that kind that heals and soothes
not that kind that presidents leave for
we need love
but not that kind that suffocates and wants your all
… we need that love that lets you live
and prosper
and lets your organs alone
doesn#t touch what shouldn#t
we simply need that kind of love that feels right
we need the blues
so that the redness of suffering
can cease
we need doe
but not the kind that kills
but the kind that comes out of the oven
warm and sweet
and that that comes from the sky
to feed the children of god
we need milk and cheese
but not the kind that can be breathed in through the nose
but that cheese that feeds the little mice like Tom
that milk that feed the little babies
like Dumbo with his great years
we need greens
but not the ones that kill the grass
and the trees
and the children
and have pyramids on them
and say they trust in god
we need those greens that come out of the forest and out of the human heart
that are mint flavored and are full of hope
we simply need
to be more

Children in Africa do not have
We eat so much but they do not have water
people send clothes there, where it is so warm
how can the kids get worm if they do not have milk?
… if there is no milk inside, how can they have heat
what are the clothes for?
to wrap their little lifeless bodies#
send water to Africa
and the children of Sahara will begin to make their own

the kings and queens of sweden and danmark
are so beautifully dressed
they are followed by paparazzi
and they break legs
they are so afraid
… of their photos
in the journal
how are they kings and queens
when in stead of ruling they go to parties
instead of giving life they take what they can

I have sat by the computer the last two days trying to find out the exact names of the movies I liked as I think it is important to have a guide of the good movies. There are so many good ones, but so much more lousy, that I think this was necessary, if not for you, but for me. Now I feel organized, ready to face the world 🙂

Here are the last ones I found:

16 blocks

Karate kid 2

Love Affair (Anette Benning, Warren Beaty)

What planet are you from? = Good vibrations (Anette Benning again)

Cotton Club


Father of the Bride


Heart Condition



View from the top


Shadow of Doubt

A stranger among us

Shining through

Top Gun

Look who’s talking


Hudson Hawk

The 5th element

Die Hard 4.0

My fat Greek wedding

Nash Bridges

Miami Vice

Jump (chinese) director StephenFung

The man that wasn’t there


I am trying to find out also about a film with Tom Berenger in which he is military and I remember a scene where there is this guy that commits suicide.

I will also try to watch more movies with Jane Fonda, because I think she is one of the most intelligent actrices I have watched.

And I am obsessed with one more movie, I think it was with the actrice from Top Gun, where the plot is set in the late part of the XIXth cen, she has an affair with someone, she is not married actually, but she is to be married to someone, but she loves another. and her suitor dies on his way back to his home, because he was drunk I think ( he was unconciouse), and he falls from the sattle of the horse she helped him climb upon. I thought it was really beautifull.

Ok, these are my recommendations untill now. If you decide to go with them I hope you enjoy!

Holidays are coming! Ypii!


Arabian nights

Girl with a pearl earring

Portrait of a Lady

Mystic Pizza

Dying Young

Pelican Brief

Sleeping with the enemy

Runaway bride

Apollo 13


Snow white: a tale of terror


Alice in Wonderland

George Sand


Cry freedom

Deja vu




Someone to watch over me

Showshank Redemption

On Golden Pond (Jane and Henry Fonda)

Sunday in New York

Butterflies are free (Goldie Hawn)

Cruel intentions 1

Love actually


Prince of Tides


Cape Fear

The mirror has two faces

The Right Stuff

Everybody’s all American

Wyat Earp


The malteze hawk

Come see the paradise

the firm

under suspicion

Narrow margin

Who’s affraid of Virginia Wolf (the one with Elisabeth Taylor)

It’s complicated



Persons unknown (Naomi Watts- very loaded)

The outsider

The holiday

The great Gatsby

Sense and sensibility


Kramer vs Kramer


Life or something like it

Mr&Mrs Smith

Playing by heart

Shoot them up

The fortunes and misfortunes of Moll Flanders (with Alex Kingston)

Leaving Normal

Body snatchers (1993) with Meg Tilly

Romeo&Juliet (best performance by Leonardo dicaprio)

The painted vail

LA Confidential

Reality bites

Histerycall blindness

Dangerouse beauty (The honest courtesane)

Legend (with Tom Cruise- fairy tale)

Out of Africa

Asterisk et Obelix (all movies)

La vita e bella

What a wonderfull life

Cezar and Cleopatra

Coolhand Luke

Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid

Cat on a hot tin roof

10 things I hate about you (with heath ledger)


Down with love


There is absolutely nothing that I find more annoying than having to listen about shitty movies. Maybe because for a long period of time all the happiness I extracted from life was through movies, so this is really important to me. Maybe it would pay to give this post a little attention as I have researched this field intensively and for a long period of time.

For those who want a recommendation for what they should watch tonight, here are my best choices:

Fight club

Pulp fiction

The butterfly effect (part one)

The Graduate

The I inside

Downloading Nancy

Original sin

American Beauty

In the mood for love

Pitch Black




The 13th floor


Black snake moan

Eternal sunshine of the spotless mind

Cube (1)

Crank 1 and 2


Vanilla Sky

The far and away

Sophie’s choice

Devils advocate


Arizona dreams

50 first dates

Blind date

Beyond borders

Fireflies in the garden


La vie extraordinaire du Amelie Poulain


The name of the rose


Frankie and Jhonnie

From Hell

Sleepy Hollow

Sweeny Todd

Pretty Woman

Lucky number slevin

She’s out of my league


Leaving Las Vegas

Memoirs of a Geisha

The promise


When Harry met Sally

Peter Pan

The honeymoon

The Adams family

Prizzi’s Honor


Point Break






Ice Age

P.S I love you

Tequilla Sunrise

Lady Hawke

Rob Roy

Meet Joe Black


The sound of music

Red october



Time machine

Planet of the Apes

Rapa Nui

The Quick and the Dead

Wild Wild West

Mrs Doubtfire (for the warmth of Robyn Williams)

End of part 1