I have sat by the computer the last two days trying to find out the exact names of the movies I liked as I think it is important to have a guide of the good movies. There are so many good ones, but so much more lousy, that I think this was necessary, if not for you, but for me. Now I feel organized, ready to face the world 🙂

Here are the last ones I found:

16 blocks

Karate kid 2

Love Affair (Anette Benning, Warren Beaty)

What planet are you from? = Good vibrations (Anette Benning again)

Cotton Club


Father of the Bride


Heart Condition



View from the top


Shadow of Doubt

A stranger among us

Shining through

Top Gun

Look who’s talking


Hudson Hawk

The 5th element

Die Hard 4.0

My fat Greek wedding

Nash Bridges

Miami Vice

Jump (chinese) director StephenFung

The man that wasn’t there


I am trying to find out also about a film with Tom Berenger in which he is military and I remember a scene where there is this guy that commits suicide.

I will also try to watch more movies with Jane Fonda, because I think she is one of the most intelligent actrices I have watched.

And I am obsessed with one more movie, I think it was with the actrice from Top Gun, where the plot is set in the late part of the XIXth cen, she has an affair with someone, she is not married actually, but she is to be married to someone, but she loves another. and her suitor dies on his way back to his home, because he was drunk I think ( he was unconciouse), and he falls from the sattle of the horse she helped him climb upon. I thought it was really beautifull.

Ok, these are my recommendations untill now. If you decide to go with them I hope you enjoy!

Holidays are coming! Ypii!