we need water
but that kind that heals and soothes
not that kind that presidents leave for
we need love
but not that kind that suffocates and wants your all
… we need that love that lets you live
and prosper
and lets your organs alone
doesn#t touch what shouldn#t
we simply need that kind of love that feels right
we need the blues
so that the redness of suffering
can cease
we need doe
but not the kind that kills
but the kind that comes out of the oven
warm and sweet
and that that comes from the sky
to feed the children of god
we need milk and cheese
but not the kind that can be breathed in through the nose
but that cheese that feeds the little mice like Tom
that milk that feed the little babies
like Dumbo with his great years
we need greens
but not the ones that kill the grass
and the trees
and the children
and have pyramids on them
and say they trust in god
we need those greens that come out of the forest and out of the human heart
that are mint flavored and are full of hope
we simply need
to be more