run home

little dear

when you hear sound of hunting

it is never ever good to stop and gaze at the hunter

he will never ever take pity on you


not your beautiful legs or your beautiful big eyes will he be able to see

he will see only a scared soul and the smell of blod with flod of mouth

will he begin to feel

something rasining inside him

not pity

or love

but the desire to kill






into the forest

where the little men are

and the little feet

and the little hearts

there is your salvation

near the river

and the spring


home you will be really safe

you will bathe in the river

you will drink holy water

and the image in the water

will reasure you that the end of suffering is near


be safe, my dear little deer

your big eyes

big as the whole night

big as the world

in the new day

close so that no one can see anymore the light in them

so that they try to steel it

or to deaden it by means of mumification


close them

so that purity is safe

so that purity sees no evil

no fauns

no mermaids

you should allways keep your eyes closed

to dream of the new age

where there will no longer be fauns or sirens

but only angels

only beings

that love each other

in spirit


love, little dear

and all will be well with you and your little happy feet


yes, you hear the sound of the new down

the light cracking through the trees

the wind breathing soul into the light

and the spirit coming down upon us


happy little dear

can#t you see


no one can live without you

all these creeps need your calm and the beauty that you bring

and your virtuouse bearing

of kids


it is you who is the godess of earth

the one who knows where to listen the ground to hear the call of the trees

what they need

and what they fear


stop and write in the stones with the runic letters

the truths that will save this home

cover with snow


so that






give us a child that

can eat the bad stuff

and poop the right stuff

or, she should begin to give the right kind of milk

so that kids will be saved finally from the drought of soul and heart


has plagued the last age of man


peace, love and prosperity